The first interactive playground system in Asia into Singapore, SONA uses motion detection and sounds to engage and entertain children in a multitude of games. The games are designed to promote teamwork, problem-solving skills and develop reactive thinking, all while having good fun.

Activity Tower

A multi-activity playground structure that allows children to play together with their parents and develop physical and motor skills. Through play, the equipment stimulates their five senses thus strengthening physical and cognitive skills.

Snug Play

Snug Play system is imported from USA and consists of large-scale, manipulative loose play elements that allows dynamic play for both parents and children to have fun, be creative, explore and learn together.

Costume Corner

Children can have fun dressing up and choose the character whom they want to be. We have a selection of clothes, props and accessories for them to choose from.

Sensory Wall

The rainbow colored pipes allow children and parents to have fun dropping balls through the pipes as well as talk to each other listening to the echoes of their voices. Sensory wall offers children rich and varied experiences which will enable them to explore the different activities on the wall.

Sensory Room

This sensory room is specially designed to deliver stimuli to various senses using lighting effects, colors, sounds, music, etc. It helps children with developmental issues, and also provides parents with therapeutic comfort, reducing stress in our day to day life.


Water Play Area

Let your imagination run wild as you play with your children at our River of Life, Tree of Love and BIG Waterplay structures. Water brings joy to all, so join in the fun with your children and let them learn through play.


a) River of Life

River of Life allows you and your children to explore a journey on water boats, discover a variety of water animals such as fish, duck, turtle and starfish etc.

b) Tree of Love

Beneath the Tree of Love is an irrigation water system illustrated by recycled bottles and pipes. Use bottles, watering cans, pails to collect water and pour into the various     bottles and pipes. Watch how the water flows through the different water structure.

c) BIG Waterplay Watercourse

With the BIG Waterplay watercourse, children gain firsthand experience on how water flows, enabling the children to learn about the forces and movement of water.